Who Am I?

Hello Awesome People of the World! (Just a little self-esteem booster). Pray your weekend was amazing. Today, I want to give you some background about myself. I am a 26 year old wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend just to name a few. I have been married to my handsome hunk for almost 4 years (Feb 13th) and we have two miracle babies. Our daughter is 15 months and our son is 3 weeks old. I, along side my husband, run Royal F.I.R.E. where our mission is elevate, empower, and inspire. I am originally from North Carolina and now reside in Arizona. I served 4 years Active Duty Air Force and my husband is currently serving. When I’m not holding a baby, chasing a toddler, or working with my husband, I like to sleep and eat! No really! I have a 3 week old and a 15 month old so I don’t get much sleep and I like to eat without little fingers in my plate every once in while. Although I am a busy wife, mom, and business owner, I still make time for myself; and that’s where this blog comes into play. Queen’s Court gives me a space to do what I love and that’s serve others, especially women. Here is a safe place to vent, share wins and lessons, and give/receive advice. I look forward to sharing and receiving from you all. Feel free to introduce yourselves! I’d love to get to know you.