Feature Friday: Swimming in Dirty Water

Hello my beauties! I pray you all are off to a great start on this lovely Friday morning.  This post a little different from the others because it's actually from my husband.  I decided to do something special of called Feature Friday.  On Fridays, I will post pieces from others, a blast from the past, or something extraordinary that may have happened during the week.  So without further ado, I present Swimming in Dirty Water by Donivyn Zanders.

What's up folks? So lets talk about the fact that no one likes to swim in dirty water!  What I mean by that is your surroundings.  What you put yourself into has to be clean, it has to be crystal clear.  You have to be able to see something!  It doesn't benefit you to be around folks that don't elevate you, don't ignite, and don't keep you fired up.  All they do is muddy your water and keep you from realizing your vision and your purpose.  Coach Frank Sagasta from Coaching Beyond, my man, said that you know when you surround yourself with certain people, you feel it.  The community that you surround yourself with is so important.  It is impossible to grow and have a certain drive, if you don't have an amazing community!  It's impossible to be great if those around you don't support your greatness.  All in all family I am here to tell you, it is impossible to swim in dirty water!  Get yourself into a community of people that want to see you succeed and you want to see them be prosperous as well.


Let’s Grow Together.  


Growth:Growth is the FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS!

How are you growing?

Are you taking those chances that put you in stressful situations that make you grow?  

Are you are you putting yourself in perfect places to make you grow?

You have to be able to grow daily, to get stronger daily, to get better daily.

If you want to live this race, if you want to live this marathon, you have to be able to grow in that marathon and get stronger. Those legs have to get stronger, that breath has to get better, that heartbeat has to get stronger.  We're going to make it through this thing!  We know our purpose, we know our passion, we know our dreams, we know what we see in our mind, we see it every single day...... But in order to get to that goal we have to GROW.   I've mentioned before make sure that  your dreams are big enough so that when you grow you get fit into them, your dream humongous if you're dreaming big dreams but you're not allowing yourself to grow.  When you get there it's going to be too much for you! So right now you have to grow! Right now we have to get stronger! Right now we have to get better! Like Muscles, they get stronger, the tension, the stress and the pressure on the muscle tears the fibers...sometimes we have to get stretched, pulled, and torn in order for new things that come in, new abilities and new nutrients, and fuse those muscles together to make us STRONGER.


So I asked you how are you growing?

Are you taking chances?

Are you jumping out on faith.... Because that's what we have to do every single day.

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