Hello Queens! I pray you’re having a blessed day. Today’s topic is Sisterhood. Sisterhood is defined as the relationship between sisters; the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women; an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade (Oxford Dictionary, 2018). I have one biological sister, one stepsister, and three Godsent sisters. Now some people get all crazy when you call someone who is not related to you by blood or have the same parents as your sister. I believe that God only blessed me with one biological sister because He knew that’s all I and my parents could take lol. I want to discuss sisterhood because I feel that it is important to have a circle of like-minded individuals on your team. I have the strongest circle on the planet (yes I'm biased) and they have helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. My heart's desire is that discussion will help those who need it and encourage you all to find your circle.

So I’ll start with my biological sister. She is 5 years my junior and is my first baby. She is married and has a child of her own but I still find myself trying to “take care of” and “baby” her. Although thousands of miles apart, we have a bond that is indestructible. Yes, we fuss and fight but we have each other’s front, back, top, bottom, and sides no matter what. She has taught me invaluable lessons and motivates me to be my best because she’s watching.

My stepsister is 12 years my junior and although we don’t talk often I still love her like she’s my blood. Whenever we are home visiting, I am always welcomed by her warm embrace. She has taught me that you don’t have to share blood to love.

The above relationships wouldn’t be questioned at all but this next one may cause some heads to turn. My three Godsent sisters are my rocks. These three anointed and appointed women have changed my life for the better. They are the big sisters I’ve always wanted. They love on me, spoil me, and treat me just like their little sister. They are not afraid to correct me when I’m wrong and they always lead me back to the right path. God knew exactly when to bring each of them into my life and I am forever grateful. We have a bond that is unbreakable and a love that is unchangeable.

The sisterhood I have is blended and it benefits me as well as my sisters in so many ways. I have the honor of guiding and mentoring my younger sisters and the privilege of being led by my older sisters.

Some of you don’t have any sisters; others of you don’t want any. I often hear “women are too catty” or “I only have male friends because females keep too much drama.” I challenge you to find at least woman that you can relate to and connect with or allow yourself to be found and open up to the possibility of a new found friendship. One important factor in forming a bond is being like minded. This doesn’t mean you both have to like the exact things and do the same things but your moral, belief, and character should definitely have similarities. For example, l can never have someone in my circle who parties and drinks all the time. Why? Because I don’t partake in any of these activities and will never compromise myself for any relationship. There’s nothing wrong with having fun but eventually someone will feel like they can’t be themselves around the other person. I’m not saying that they can’t do it; what I’m saying is if that’s all they want to do and can’t respect that I won’t join them, then we can’t be in a circle together.

A circle is not just a group of associates or occasional friends (those you hang out with only for certain occasions). A circle is composed of authentic relationships; friends that have become family. Not everyone is meant to be in your circle and that’s the way it should be. Find those who inspire, encourage, and push you to be your best. It’s a great day to be alive! Let’s make it count!

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