Stretching My Mommy Muscles

So my morning started off...interesting. Donivyn had a speaking engagement which meant I got to stay home with both kids. Everything started off good; Autumn woke up on her own and played in her crib while I pumped. Bailey laid on my lap while I pumped and everything was going well. Then it was time to get up. I went down the hall to get Autumn and she had a diaper full of hideousness. I’m not sure what was all in it but there were crayons in there for sure. So I got her cleaned up and then Bailey started crying. He was hungry, again. So I put him in the co sleeper while I made him a bottle and her a cup.  At this point they are both screaming. Finally got milk made for both and then Autumn strikes. She pulled down a bowl of soy sauce of the table and onto herself. Brown sauce all over her new white floral print shirt and white animal socks. (Side note: I will not be putting her in white for a while.) So now I have a screaming newborn and a dirty toddler. I clean up the toddler while the newborn cries and mommy is trying to remain calm. Finally everyone gets their milk and it’s quiet for 90 seconds. The milk was enough for Bailey but now the big girl is ready for breakfast. She’s whining because she sees the food but can’t have it. Bailey starts crying because he wants to be held but I can’t because I’m feeding his sister a hot bowl of oatmeal. Eventually I put her in the high chair and him on my lap and we make it work. After all the fun, she is playing and watching her movie and he is on my chest sleep. Now where is Daddy so I can pee and eat lol? I knew there would be challenges having a 15 month old and a newborn. I think I handled this morning pretty well especially since I didn’t get much sleep last night. I know some of you mom may be like this is nothing but hey I’m just getting started. I know the challenges get harder but thank God for grace and guidance.

If any of you mommies out there would like to share tips and managing 2 under 2, please comment below.  I would love to here your advice.