Princess Autumn

It’s Mommy Monday and I’m so excited! Today’s Mommy Monday is all about Princess Autumn!!! Autumn is 16 months and is our first miracle baby. She is a smart, fun, and sometimes spunky little lady. Autumn loves to eat, play at the park, dance, and help with her baby brother. She is a true Daddy’s girl and is mommy’s best friend. Yesterday, she went to potty for the first time and we were so excited! I think we scared her with all our excited because she just stood there looking at us crazy lol. She amazes me every day with her growth and how attentive she is. Although I am completely worn out at the end of the day and count the hours until bedtime, I love every moment of chasing my busy bee around. I often times go check on her in the middle of the night because I miss her. I look forward to getting her out of the crib and getting my good morning kisses. Autumn reminds me to enjoy the right now and live in the moment. She is my breath of fresh air and a third of my heart. Mommy loves her Chunka Monka, her Goosta Moosta, her Princess Autumn.