Hello Queens! Pray you all are feeling all the love on this Feb 14th.  So I didn't post yesterday because I was too busy loving on my husband for our 4th anniversary :-D  Here's Testimony Tuesday and Wife Wednesday all in one post. Enjoy!  

It’s our anniversary!!!! OMG it has been 4 years! 4 years, since we said I do. 4 years, since we made a covenant before God to do life together, forever. 4 years! This may not seem like a big deal but it is for us! The story of how we got here is one of hills and valleys. I’ve known my husband for 7.5 years and we weren’t always on good terms. We’ve had our share of trials but we serve a triumphant God!


I’m so blessed to be celebrating my anniversary with me husband for 2 big reasons: the first is that we actually get to spend it together and the second he is physically here. Let me give you a quick run down of our previous anniversaries. Our first anniversary in 2015 he was deployed and I spent our anniversary at Cheesecake Factory with a girlfriend. In 2016, we went to Las Vegas but I was 5 weeks pregnant and very sick so we spent most of the time in bed (and not because we were fellowshipping) or the bathroom if you caught my drift. Last year, our daughter was only 4 months and I had new mom syndrome so we played it safe and spent about 4 hours together that morning/afternoon. This anniversary our son is 6 weeks old and it’s Tuesday lol. Nonetheless, the kids will be with their auntie and Godmother while me and Daddy have a night alone.

The second reason why I’m blessed to have this anniversary is because my husband is physically here with me. On Feb 4, my husband and our daughter were on their way to church when they were hit by a car that ran a red light. It wasn’t just a little bum, the car is totaled (see pics below)! Thankfully my daughter was unharmed although her car seat was flipped on its side and my husband suffered minor injuries. His back is the main issue but I’ll take back, neck, and head pain over death any day. I could have easily lost my husband and daughter in that accident BUT GOD! It didn’t dawn on me until we were talking to our neighbor and as she hugged me goodbye she said I’m so glad they are alive. Up until that point it hadn’t clicked that they really could have seriously.

On Sunday the church choir sung Tye Tribbett’s “He turned it” and then it really hit me. The song says “the devil thought he had me, thought that my life was over, he thought by now I’d give up, he thought I had no more, but that’s when someone greater, stepped in my situation, my Morning has now begun, He turned it!” And that just took me all the way in. I’m so blessed to be able to spend our evening with him. I could be visiting the hospital or mourning but I’ll be enjoying an evening of love, laughter, and passion with my King.

There always seems to be some sort of event that tries to throw off or limit our anniversary but no matter what we make the best of it and enjoy every second. We may not be traditional and do what others do on their anniversary but we do what works for us. The only gift given that occurred was spending undivided attention time together, love, and the gift of the body (thank God for covenant marriage lol). Our anniversary gets better every year and this year was no exception. I look forward to doing LIFE with my King and experiencing everything God has in store for us. Pray you ladies have a day filled with love, joy, and peace. It’s a great day to be alive; let’s make it count!


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