Feature Friday: One Degree Hotter

What's up Queens?! It's Friday, YAY! Pray you all had a blessed week. Today's Feature Friday goes to my hubby.  We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary and he has accomplished so much in a year. Here's an oldie about his awesomeness and I'll update on some of his greatness at the end. Enjoy! 

One Degree Hotter: So can I just tell you all how proud I am of my husband? Today, he attended the ceremony for earning his Associates of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. This may not seem like a big deal to you but it is to us. There are higher ranking individuals in the Air Force that don't have their Associates because they chose not to take advantage of free education. Donivyn also has his Baccalaureate in Political Science from the University of California-Riverside and is 6 classes away from completing his Masters in Organizational Leadership. Not only does he invest in himself but he pushes others to gain as much knowledge as possible. He does all of this while maintaining a family, being on Active Duty, serving in his church and community, and run a business. Donivyn C. Zanders, you rock and are an inspiration to all! Congratulations and I look forward to the things that will come.

Fast forward to now:  Since this graduation, life kicked it up about 10 gears.  The business gained more traction, we got pregnant, I was hospitalized for a while, he dealt with his own medical issues, he was a stay-at-home dad while I was sick, I mean life was a bit hectic.  BUT my man (YES! He's all mine) managed to not just stay above water but swim like a champ.  He will complete his Master's program in October 2018. He is a FranklinCovey Facilitator, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner.  His speaking schedule has been filled to the max for the past 3 months and he is doing all of this while still serving on Active Duty, having a newborn and a toddler, and serving the Kingdom with excellence. 

Donivyn, I admire you more than you know.  Not just because you are my husband but because you do life with such excellence.  You never allow anything to stop you and you push with the strength of 10,000 man army. I am honored to have a front row seat in your life.  I am so excited for the world to witness the greatness I see daily.  We love you ;-*     

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