The Original Queen C

Hello my lovely Queens! Pray you all had a lovely weekend and are having a marvelous Monday. Today is Mommy Monday and this one is special to me.  Today’s edition of Mommy Monday goes to my very own mother, Chaney Ruth! Some of you may or may not know this but me and my mother share the same first name. Although I am not a Jr, I was and still am referred to as Chaney Jr by friends and family.

My mommy is the original Queen C. I’m not Beyoncé and I don’t want the Beyhive coming for me, but seriously, my mother has taught me so much and has imprinted invaluable lessons in me. I truly admire and respect her not just as my mom but as a woman.  I have watched my mother endure some rough times and she has overcome them all.  Her strength inspires me during my weak moments, her courage motivates me to face my giants head on.  Growing up with Chaney Ruth was not always a walk in the park.  There were times when I chose to make poor decisions that I wanted to run away because I knew facing my mother was worse than the bad choice I made.  My mother was and still is big on respect and when I was younger, I sometimes lacked in that area.  Although she was stern and took no nonsense, she was always loving, supportive, and respectable.  

Unfortunately, we are 2,000 miles apart and I don’t get to see my mommy as much as I would like to but we Facetime often and I know she is only a phone call away.  Anytime I need advice for the kids or just want to be a baby, she is always there.  I will always cherish the time spent with my mommy and look forward to the memories we will make in the future.  

If you are able to talk to your mom, tell her you love her every chance you get. You may be an adult but you are still Mommy’s Baby.  It’s a great day to be alive; let’s make it count.


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