Feature Friday: Graduation Day

Hello Queens! Pray everyone had an amazing week .  Today's feature Friday is by yours truly.  It's actually from when I first started blogging and one of my favs.  Enjoy and I'll give you an update at the end.

Hello, Family!  Today is Graduation Day and I thank God that it is finally here!  So, for those of you that don't know, I have been pursuing my RN since 2013.  I was medically retired from the United States Air Force and decided that I wanted to be a nurse.  While on active duty, I served as a Med Tech in Labor and Delivery and it was one of the most fulfilling jobs I had ever had.  I wanted to continue my journey so I applied to the Watts School of Nursing and was accepted.  I declined that invitation because I moved back to Idaho to marry my husband.  We were married on February 13, 2014, and I started school at Breckenridge School of Nursing in March 2014.  

Things were going great, I was learning and enjoying clinics and then while my husband was deployed, we got orders to move to Arizona.  Although I was excited about this new chapter in our life, I was worried about school because I couldn't transfer.  We moved to Arizona in July 2015,  and through many obstacles, I started school again at Estrella Mountain Community College in August 2015.  Now let me remind you that I had completed half of the requirements for my RN and I was now starting from the beginning.  I kept pressing!  At the beginning of my second semester at EMCC (January 2016), I found out that we were pregnant with our daughter Autumn.  So now, I'm a full-time student taking 6 classes, a part-time math tutor, Wife, and I'm pregnant!  Talk about a full plate.  We were so excited to be pregnant and very grateful, but my pregnancy was not easy.  It presented many challenges and I had to give up school and work for the last 3  months of my pregnancy. BUT, I didn't let that stop me! After having our daughter in October,  I went back to school and work in January 2017.  This time around, I am a Wife, Mother, full-time student, part-time tutor, private tutor, and Business Owner.  Here's where it gets good!

Three weeks into the Spring semester, I am instructed by God to change my major to Business Management.  Now, this wasn't just something out of the blue. God had been dealing with me about this and to be completely honest I was just being disobedient.  So, I decided to walk in obedience and change my major.  This didn't mean I changed my classes.  I had to complete what I had started and it was not easy.  This semester I took Psychology Statistics, Anatomy and Physiology II, Nutrition, and Storytelling.  The course that gave me the most trouble was A & P II.  I lost all interest in the subject because I knew I wasn't going to be going into nursing.  This lack of interest was evident by grades in that class.  It wasn't until half way into the semester that I realized I needed to at least earn a C in class if I wanted to graduate.  

At first, I didn't care and was okay with failing the course until I thought about my 3.676 GPA.  I changed my attitude and actually put forth the effort to try in the course.  Well, grades are in and today I graduate with my Associates in Arts.  Although I will be starting again in two weeks for my Associates in Business, I am very grateful for this experience.  This has not been an easy journey but I made it!  Remember, the road may have some bumps and turns but you'll get to your destination.  It's a great day to be alive; let’s make it count!   

UPDATE:  I started my business class but stopped because I got pregnant again and this pregnancy presented more challenges than the first.  I will officially be returning to the school house in May of this year to finish what God started.