Date Night

What’s up, Ladies?! I pray you all are having a wonderful Wednesday. We are halfway through the week and a day closer to the weekend. Today for Wife Wednesday, I’m going to share the first date night we had since having our son.

It was Jan 25 and our son was almost 4 weeks old. He didn’t leave the house but his Godmother came over and watched both of the kids for us. I was so excited about the 2 hours I got to spend out of the house. My husband was hesitant about me being out but I convinced him that after being on bedrest for 2 months and then being lockdown for postpartum, I deserved to have a little time out. I got dressed in some jeans and a jean shirt and match by hubby’s red sneakers; I even put on earrings. This was the best I had looked in a while and it felt good to be cute and not be in sweatpants and puke.

Due to our limited time, we kept it simple and went to Barnes & Nobles.  I had hot cocoa and a muffin and he had tea and a sugar cookie.  We sat and talked about the business, future plans, the insight that God had shared, and did a little people watching (our favorite pastime). Our ten dollar date night was fun and simple and I loved every minute of it.

Now I know someone out there is giving all kinds of side eyes about a couple of things; the first being going out the house only 4 weeks postpartum and the second a quick date to Barnes & Nobles. After I had our daughter, I stayed in the house for 6 weeks straight. I only went out for doctor appointments and I was okay with that. I was a first-time mom and recovering from a C-section. This was my second delivery, it was vaginal, and I had no complications. Considering all that I went through prior to delivery, I deserved 2 hours out. My husband was very mindful that I was still recovering and made sure that I didn’t overstep my boundaries.

To some our quick $10 B & N date may seem cheap and boring but for us, it was cheap and time well spent. I notice that some people in dating relationships and marriages expect date night to consist of going out every weekend, spending at least $50 and it is planned out. Over the years, we have learned that date night isn’t about getting dressed up, how much money we spend, or how long it is. Date night is about connecting with your spouse or significant other and enjoying your time together without distraction. Now don’t get me wrong, we do have date nights that consist of heels, nice restaurants, and a few hour out but we don’t make that our standard.

Our standard right now with a newborn is to have 1 date night a month for a few hours. We would like to go out more but that is unrealistic for us with a toddler and newborn. So what we do is take time when they are napping or after bedtime to spend intentional time together. That can be a 5-minute slow dance, talking in the bed, or a movie and snack night.

The small thoughtful things can make a big difference and keep that intimacy going during various seasons in your relationship. One of my favorite “date nights” during pregnancy was our 5-minute slow dance. I got to choose a song and we had 5 uninterrupted minutes of quiet time with one another. This was beneficial for the both of us and something we still do. Don’t limit yourself to traditional date nights. Find something else to do besides eating and go to the movies ( that’s all we did). Explore the world and each other with a fresh perspective on what your standard is. I hope you all enjoyed Wife Wednesday! It’s a great day to be alive; let’s make it count!

Here are some Date Night Ideas

Penny Date: choose a number; flip a penny that number of times; for each flip make a right for head or left for tails; make a date out of what’s around you.

Home Date: find activities to do at home and set your own date night ambiance; movies, painting, games

No Money Date: spend $0; walk in the park, read and discuss a book

Spouse Night: spouses take turns choosing what date night will be

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