Undivided Attention

May i have your Attention please?.png

What’s Up Queens?! It’s Wife Wednesday and we are halfway way through the week. Yay! Today’s edition of Wife Wednesday is inspired by my very own husband. A few days ago, he posted this Facebook status.

Of course I liked the post because duh he posted it but it made me question myself. Do I give him my undivided attention? Do I focus on him 100%? What do I give my attention to? All of these things started running through my mind. My response was no, I don’t give him my undivided attention and he deserves it.

I give my attention to the kids, cleaning the house, cooking, bills, emails, family, friends, church, and everything else we have going on. Of course these things need attention but they shouldn’t consume the attention I should be giving him. Due to the various hats we wear as women, we can sometimes get caught up into the habit of forgetting our spouse. Yea we cook for them, clean up after them, have sex with them, but are we really giving them our undivided attention or are we just going through a routine and saying well I did all that. That should be enough attention.

When he comes home from work, I should be in a position to receive him. This mean ensuring that whatever task I am doing is done or can be paused so I can give him undivided attention after a hard days work. When he’s talking to me about his day or the business or any randomness he comes up with, I shouldn’t be on my phone, moving around, doing other things that don’t have to be done in that moment.

I’m not saying you have to stop life to give your spouse attention. What I am saying is respect them enough to listen when they speak. Give them one-on-one time even if only for 15 minutes. Ask them about their day and be genuinely interested in what is going on in their life. When you give your spouse undivided attention, it shows them you care, you respect them, and you value them. It makes them feel loved, wanted, and appreciated.


For some, attention from their spouse will prevent some of the issues they have. You won’t find your spouse seeking attention from others. You won’t find that there is distance and tension in your relationship. You won’t feel like you’re just going through the motions of marriage.

Take time to make your spouse the center of attention. Let them know you see and hear them. Look them in the eye when speaking to them. Give them uninterrupted attention and don’t be mad about it. Give them the time, respect, and attention they deserve.

To my husband: I sincerely apologize for allowing life to take my attention away from you. I vow to intentionally be aware of your time and give you the attention you deserve. Thank you for being understanding and helping me to strengthen my weaknesses. Love you more!!!

Well ladies, I pray you enjoyed this. Take some time to evaluate the attention you give your spouse. If it’s divided, find a way to undivided it and see what a difference it makes in your marriage. It’s a great day to be alive; let’s make it count.