Bad Mommy Syndrome


I had a mommy moment a couple of weeks ago and I am finally able to talk about.  So, I sent my husband to the store to get formula. This sadden me because I really wanted to breastfeed our son. My son doesn’t latch and I’ve been exclusively pumping. At the time, he was 3 weeks old and it has been good until now. My supply seemed to decrease and I had been drinking tea, eating cookies, and taking pills to increase it. I even order a new hospital grade pump in hopes that it will help. I know giving him formula isn’t the end of the world but I was really looking forward to breastfeeding especially since he’s a preemie.

Then it hit me! This was the first time I had to send my husband on an emergent run because Bailey didn’t have food and I always have just enough for him to eat.  It wasn't like I was being a bad mom and not wanting to feed to my son.  I was having an issue that is very common in the breastfeeding community.  My husband reminded me that we formula fed our daughter and she is just fine.  I had to cut myself some slack because I was beating myself up over something that was easily fixable.  

I am still pumping and waiting for my new breast pump to arrive and we are supplementing because my little preemie has a big appetite.  What matters most is that he is fed and healthy and he is just that. Thank God my Bad Mommy Syndrome is gone :-)

Any moms have issues with breastfeeding? Does anyone have any advice/suggestions on breastfeeding and pump?  I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below.