Momma's Babies

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday! Today’s tribute goes to two individuals who make my heart complete. They have definitely changed my life for the better and they push me daily to be the best version of myself. These individuals are Autumn and Bailey, my children. I mentioned in a previous post that they are our miracle babies and here’s why. At the young age of 19, I was very sick and hospitalized for 17 days followed by a month of extensive medical test and procedures. That’s another blog for a different day. All of that led to the doctors recommending that I get a hysterectomy. That was the last resort for me. At 19 being told I wouldn’t have children, I was crushed. I knew I wasn’t ready at that time but I knew eventually I wanted to be a mother. Fast forward a year, and I have my first miscarriage. One of the most painful and unforgettable experiences of my life. Notice I said first, we have 3 babies in heaven. When we found out we were pregnant with Autumn, we kept it a secret for the first 3 months because we were afraid.

At 31 weeks I went into preterm and was hospitalized. Thankfully I carried her to full term and she is healthy as can be. Our son was a surprise. We found out we were pregnant with him when Autumn was only 7 months old. We didn’t keep him a secret as long and we knew he was going to be special. I went into preterm labor for the first time with him at 28 weeks. Then again at 31 weeks and delivered at 35 weeks. Although he was born prematurely, he didn’t spend any time in the NICU.  

Neither of my children have any life threatening medical issues and are living healthy lives.  I often find myself starring at them in amazement because God blessed me with not one but two miracles.  I have never and will never take them for granted.  At one point during both pregnancies they could have taken away fro us BUT God!  There are days when I think to myself what did I get into and I question my ability to raise them.  Those thoughts are quickly dismissed by remembering God's promise and resting in the fact that we are not raising them alone but that God is guiding us every step of the way.  I will forever be grateful for my babies and will love them to life!  It's a great day to be alive; let's make it count!

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