I Got You Covered!

Today's discussion for Wife Wednesday is covering your spouse. I have been married for almost 4 years and it has been wonderful. We aren’t perfect and don’t get everything right but our bond is one of strength and courage. When we first got married my husband was not into going to church with me. It wasn’t because he didn't believe in God or because he was busy with work, he just didn’t want to go. In the beginning, I would consistently ask him if he was going to church even though I knew the answer. Everytime I asked he said no. Initially it upset me and I would get angry with him. I couldn’t understand why a man who knows God, has a relationship with Him, and who was called to ministry at the age of 18 wouldn’t go to church. One day I decided that I wasn’t going to ask anymore. I decided to give him to God and I prayed that his heart would be touched and he would see the importance of going to church. Although I didn’t agree with him not attending, I covered him in prayer. I didn’t mistreat or make him feel bad for his decision. I gave him to God and soon after my husband was joining me at Bible Study and Sunday morning service.  I covered him while he was in the world because we are one and I knew eventually he would come around.  Once he made the adjustment, I continued to cover him but in a different way.


Whenever we go out, we pray in over drive and cover our day. When he’s out speaking, presenting, or is away from our family, I cover him. I cover his mind, body, and spirit. I pray that his thoughts and action would reflect the Kingdom. I pray that Holy Spirit leads him and that he is obedient to what Holy Spirit has to say. Even down to his clothing. I ensure that the looks presentable and that his character is not compromised for any reason.

Covering your spouse is important. You never know what the intent of others is or what tricks the devil has up his sleeve. I cover my husband so that if ever there is an issue, he knows that he has someone covering him. And it's not just a one way thing; my husband covers me as well.  During my pregnancies, I remember him prayer over my womb and speaking life to our children.  On those days when either of us are having an off day, we can trust that the other will pick up our slack and help us get on the right track.  

I encourage you all to be intentional about covering your spouse.  You may not always know what they are struggling with and keeping them lifted helps more than you know.  Try researching Bible verses and words of affirmation to speech over and to your spouse.  This is let them know that they always have someone looking out for them.  It's a great day to be alive; let's make it count!