Keeping it 100!

One day last week:

Let’s be honest, I don’t feel like writing at all right now. Why? Because everyone in the house is taking a nap and I would like to go to bed at a decent hour. Today is just one of those days where I would love to just get in the car and go eat, by myself, for hours. I realize that I asked for patience and my patience is being tested. This is when being careful what you ask for really applies.  I didn't think about the process of gaining patience until now when I'm in the middle of it.  But you can't get better at something if you're not putting in effort and actually applying the skill.  I’m trying to keep it together and it’s difficult. I’m just going to keep taking deep breaths and remain calm. Eventually, everything will settle down and I will have peace and quiet.  

Update:  The following day went a lot better.  I realize that every day is not going to be good.  There will be days that I want to cry, pull my hair out, and scream.  But God will be with me in these moments and they won't last forever.