Walk 3 Miles In My Shoes

Happy Monday Queens! I pray that you are in great spirits and that your day was positive and productive.  I had an eventful weekend of cleaning, grocery shopping, going to the ER, and it ended with a chill day at the crib.  Today’s topic of discussion is walking a mile in my shoes; actually it was three miles.

I decided that because my lovely children did not want to take a nap that I would take them for a walk.  At the time we hadn’t purchased a double stroller which meant I had to wear my son. I put Autumn in her jogger stroller and strapped my then 10 pound Bailey to my chest.  We started our adventure as this was the first time I had taken them for a walk. Now I thought that after about 15 minutes they would fall asleep but I was sadly mistaken.  These jokers were looking around, enjoying the breeze. So I kept walking and had the brilliant idea to walk to the grocery store, Albertsons. What I didn’t know was that it was 1.5 miles one way.  Now mind you, this is my first time doing any type of exercise, I have 2 kids, and I was half there before I realized how far it was.

I’m not going to lie, I thought about turning around and going home. Instead I chose to keep going and grab some veggies for dinner. We made it to the store and grabbed our veggies. Bailey was knocked out but Miss Autumn was still hanging with mommy. As I walked out of the parking lot, I realized I had to walk all the way back hom. My silly self thought about calling my husband to come pick us up but then I remembered that I hadn’t told him that I went walking and chose to walk rather than deal with his wrath.

As we walked, I recorded what turned out to be the outline for a book I’ll be publishing. Before I knew it we were home and Autumn was drooling. Although sweaty, hot, and tired, it felt good to take a 3 mile walk. It actually encouraged me to take the kids for a walk at least 3 times a weeks. Now it won’t be 3 miles but at least 30 minutes.

Had I turned around at the halfway point, I would have missed the opportunity to record my outline and incorporate exercise into my weekly schedule. Both of these things are something I’ve been wanted to do but didn’t make time for. It’s amazing how something as simple as taking my babies for a walk could have such a major impact.

Keep on the path set before you. You may want to turn back when you realize how far you have to go but remember there is a reward that lies ahead. What would you be turning back to? Keep going! Don’t quit! Finish strong!



We made it to the veggie.png