Clear As Water

Hello Queens! Pray you are having a tremendous Tuesday! So you all know that I am transparent and my life is an open book.  I'm sure some of you have noticed that I have not been posting as much as I was in the beginning and it may seem as if I have disconnected.  I assure you I have not! I am currently in a season where my focus, time, and attention has been shifted.  The next few months are busy for me and my family as we are making some life changing transitions.  Does this  mean that I am leaving my faithful, loving, supportive Queens behind? Absolutely Not! However, I may not post every day and it may just be once a week.  

I never want to deliver subpar content and feel as if this is a chore.  Everything I have delivered has been from my heart and has been given the proper respect of time and attention.  I would much rather present a quality post than to post daily and it be just something I threw together.  Know that will I may not post, I am working on content and I am still available to you all.  I am grateful to have a supportive community as I make this transition and I appreciate you all for loving me and understanding.  

Remember, you all are Queens every day and we rise to whatever challenges the day brings!

It's a great day to be alive; let's make it count! 

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