Feature Friday: Check Yourself

Self checks can prevent you from corrective checks.png

It's Friday Queens and you know what that means, Feature Friday.  I pray you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this post.  Love you all!

Hello, everyone!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday!  So let me tell you all about an experience I had on Monday.  Monday started off a little rough for me and it was nobody's fault but my own.  I woke up cranky and it was evident by the expression on my face and my attitude.  So I'm in the kitchen cleaning and making lunches and my husband comes in just as happy as can be.  I asked him a question about a coffee mug and he gave me a sarcastic but funny response as he normally does.  As I'm cleaning he's talking to me and I'm irritated because I woke up with an attitude. Eventually, I tell him that I am not in the mood to play and just answer my questions the way I want them to be answered (can you see the attitude lol).  

So he goes in the office and continues to prepare for his day and I walk and say "I'm cranky."  Now usually I would apologize for my attitude but this morning I wasn't feeling it and wanted him to know that I was not in a good mood.  In my mind, (he can't read minds) he should know that I'm upset and why I'm upset even though I don't even know why I'm upset (I know, it makes no sense).  I then sarcastically tell him to say a prayer for me and his response was not at all what I wanted to hear. He told me that I needed to pray for myself because I knew I had an attitude and I needed to correct it.  

Why did he say that?! I proceed to tell him actually how I felt about his response which included a lot of attitude (there was no profanity or harsh language used).  I was heated. I said what I felt like saying and walked out of the room.

A few minutes later he came and gave me a kiss and said I love you as usual.  I'm standing there still mad and not trying to calm down. I wasn't mad with the response he gave me, I was mad because I knew he was right.  I was also mad because in that moment he didn't react the way I wanted which was for him to acknowledge my emotions and let me act on my emotions.  I went to the base to take his lunches to him and apologized. I explained why I was upset and he just gave me his 'I know I'm right' smile and a warm embrace.  

Moral: Look in the mirror and check yourself.  Don't allow your emotions to cause you to mistreat others especially when they have not wronged you.  If a person really loves and cares about you, they will tell you what need to hear and not what you want to hear.